Terms and Condition of Sale

Product Quality

We use high quality 100% pure cotton products, and because of the nature of the material, please allow for minimal shrinking after washing, but you already know this, as you are not stupid…after all, you are purchasing one of our really cool and funny shirts.  We only deal with reputable manufacturers such as Gildan, Sols and Fruit of the Loom for our product range.  If you want to know specifically which brand of shirt you will get, you can ask us in the message details on the order form.  The manufacturers that we deal with conform to international monitoring of labour legislation to ensure that the product you wear is manufactured ethically.

Shirt Dimensions

The approximate size for each new item is indicated with the following two measurement (a) armpit to armpit, and (b) hemline of the shirt to bottom of collar in the centre.  Our shirts are high quality cotton based and are shrink resistant, but please allow for a small reduction in the size after the first wash.  Our experience has found that this is typically around 5%.  Remember!  Cotton is a natural product and is subject to this.  We could use man made fibres, but they wouldn’t feel or look the same.  Dimensions are given in cm (a x b).  You should be able to compare this against your other shirts to get the best fit.

Unisex t-shirt SMALL (44x60), MEDIUM (50 x 61), LARGE, (55x62), X-LARGE (61x65)
Lady Fit ‘O’ collar SMALL (37x43), MEDIUM (41x44), LARGE, (45x47), X-LARGE (49x49)
Lady Fit ‘V’ collar SMALL (37x40), MEDIUM (41x42), LARGE, ( 45x45), X-LARGE (49x47)
Men’s Long Sleeve SMALL (44x60), MEDIUM (50x61), LARGE, (55x62), X-LARGE (61x65)
Ladies Long Sleeve SMALL (37x45), MEDIUM (42x46), LARGE, (45x47, X-LARGE (49x51)

We are sorry if we don’t stock your size at the moment, but the best way to encourage us to do so in the future is by asking us for it and create the demand.  You never know, if you ask nicely and we like you, we might be able to help you out!

Shipping and Payment

Please check your order carefully before sending it.  Refer to our size guide and terms and conditions of sale above as only faulty items will be replaced or refunded.

If you live in Budapest and would like to collect your shirt to save on shipping costs, this can be arranged by e-mail.  We typically are happy to meet at almost any time and anywhere in the central area of the city.  Payment is by cash on receipt of goods.

Alternatively we can post your shirt to you anywhere in Hungary for an additional sum of only 500 forint per shirt (half the price of many of our competitors), as we don’t intend to rip you off for excessive shipping fees.  Payment is made to Posta, usually on receipt of a delivery card notification, and your shirt is handed over by Posta.

We will post within the European Union.  As of 17th October 2008, this is around 5 euro per shirt.  If ordering more than one, then discount will be given accordingly.  Prices on the website in euro currently include the shipping cost.  Payment is currently only available through Paypal, but we hope to be able to extend the options in the near future.  Upon receipt of your order we will send you an invoice and details of where to make the payment.  Once payment has been received, your order is then processed.

If you live outside the European Union and would like a shirt, please contact us by e-mail for a quote to your location.  In the unlikely event that we are going to be on holiday in your city the following week, then we will forfeit the shipping charge, but expect a drink of the local speciality upon arrival.  Payment is only by Paypal for outside of the European Union.

We do not recommend sending cash via the post, it is much safer and easier to set up a Paypal account.

We will have your shirt ready for collection or shipping usually within 7 days.  On occasion it may take longer should a specific size or colour be out of stock.  We will contact you if we anticipate any kind of delay as a courtesy.  Once shipped, within Hungary , you should have your shirt within 3 days, the EU 10 days and the Rest of the World 21 days.  Should your shirt not arrive, please contact us and we will do our best from our end to locate the item.  Please note that we always obtain proof of postage, and can not offer refunds for items lost in the post, unless you ask for and pay for insurance on the item.  We have never lost an item yet, but please be aware that it is remotely possible.

Returns Policy

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, and all our shirts undergo a three stage quality control process before they leave our premises…unless of course someone breaks-in and steals them!

Because of this, we are confident that you will never ever need to return a shirt which is faulty in any manner (specifically, we have sent the wrong colour or the wrong size, or if the printing or shirt itself is damaged), and we will guarantee a refund or replacement of the shirt.  Please note that if you do not ask for insured shipping, then any damage caused to the shirt in transit is beyond our responsibility, and your argument is with the carrier.

Returning a shirt because you ordered the wrong size or you have decided that you want it in a different colour is not accepted within our terms of sale, and we strongly suggest that you check the size guide carefully before placing your order as mistakes may not be rectified at a later date. 

After Care

We advise that you always wash the shirt inside out and wash at 40’c or below.

We advise that you never tumble dry the shirt, but if you must, then do so on a low heat setting and inside out.

Never iron the surface of the printed areas on the shirt if you want to maintain the quality of the printing, which should outlast the lifetime of the shirt if you look after it well.  You should be able to iron the reverse of the print area on a low setting without any problem.

No warranty is provided on the shirt or the printing if you do not follow the guidelines above.  Be smart!

We hope you enjoy wearing your shirt as much as we enjoy designing and making them by hand for your enjoyment.  We hope you enjoy your purchase and hope that you, and your friends who will love your shirt also, come back soon as another satisfied customer.


Should you feel that you have reason to complain, please contact us@polod.net or by using the contact form on the website.  We will do our best within the terms of sale you have agreed to above, to ensure that you are satisfied.


We appreciate your comments on the quality of our service, the website and of course the shirts themselves.  You can do this by contacting us@polod.net or by using the contact form on the website. 

Additional Information

Who are we?

We are a company who fuse together different national and cultural experiences, and backgrounds to bring you an eclectic mix of designs for your appreciation.

How do we do it?

We have a dedicated design team who are locked away from society mostly to create the most bizarre and creative designs.  On occasion, we let them out under supervision to access the wide array of stimuli that the world offers, before placing them back in their safe and secure accommodation.  We do this for their own safety, as exposure to far too much stimuli at any one time could have dramatic and adverse affects to their health and ability to create the sheer genius that you wear.

We also have a dedicated and sometimes sober marketing arm, who has a tendency to wander into the extreme.  Be glad in the knowledge that their single vote at board meetings often results in rejection of their hair-brained, sometimes illegal, often manic, promotional activities.  A firm ‘No’ generally does not suffice, and the idea will fester away until it is beaten to death.  We do this for your safety…you being the public of course.  If you have any ideas on how you think we can improve our marketing and promotional activities, then please tell us.  You can contact us@polod.net or by using the contact form on the website. 

Why do we do it?

We love t-shirts and we love to make fun out of anyone and everything.  It seemed to be a natural progression to put these two things together.

Do we need more models?

We love our models and they will always be part of us, but we are always looking for new talent to join the organisation.  If you are interested, get in touch with us@polod.net or by using the contact form on the website.  We always have great fun on the photo-shoots.  If you see us out and about, stop to say hello.  You never know, we might even give you a free t-shirt!


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