As we said...we love music and working with the bands we know.

We work mainly in Budapest, but have started to book concerts all over Hungary for bands.  Although we work mainly in the punk rock genre, we will work with anyone whose music we like

The most important things to us are:

Work in a professional manner to the international industry standard
Treat the artists that we work fairly and with a respectful manner
 Maximise the concert experience for the paying guests
Promote the artists and their work
Give young artists the opportunity to develop their talents

We believe we can only do all this effectively by establishing a trust with the people we work with.  The bands we work with time and time again are simply because they are great people as well as great musicians.

If you are interested in polod promoting concerts for you, or you are interested in playing with another artist we work with, write to: and we will get back to you.