We love t-shirts...and we love music!  

So we have decided to work with some bands which we like...and we hope that you will like too!  The venue is the A38 ship near Petofi Bridge in Budapest...which you have to agree is one of the coolest venues in Hungary for concerts...if not Europe!

We brought an amazing band over from England for our first big promotion, and for those of you who were lucky enough to get a ticket for The Subways will know...it was an absolutely storming show where the band and the crowd literally 'Rocked the boat!' in the water!

Our summer shows on the A38 top deck terrace are only 500ft for a ticket, which you can then use as a drinks voucher at the bar to reclaim the 500ft!!!  It doesn't take a genius to work out that it is a great deal!!!


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Nearly seven years on and the Salgótarján based band that singer/guitarist Gál Gergely formed, has seen the release of two albums released as far and wide as the USA and Japan, as well as an endless programme of playing concerts around the world. Their combination of melodic pop punk and metal has a sound which would be at home on a movie soundtrack of an American teenage college movie as much as on MTV.

Fellow guitarist Kocsis Kornél provides the riffs and backing vocals along with bass player Vofély Bence, while Kováts Marci keeps it all together on the drums. Plans for later this summer include a tour in the UK, spreading their word further.


It has been an exciting white knuckle ride for this young band from Budapest so far! Their development has not gone unnoticed, having supported such Hungarian punk pop favourites as Alvin és a mókusok and The Grenma, as well as being invited by UK band The Subways to support them on their recent storming concert at the A38.

But it is not just on the stage that Nonverse have been busy. The band recorded their first demo in April 2009, and followed this with their self financed album, Te & Én which is available for free download from their website.


Vác based upstarts whose influences have a definite West Coast feel with their catchy guitar riffs and English love torn lyrics. This 5-piece are fronted by singer Szandi who is ably backed by the four boys in the band, Szeki and Karesz on guitar, and the rhythm driven along by bassist Bence and drummer Szabi.