You have played a few concerts and people seem to like you, and you want to see if they would buy your t-shirts? 

We understand that starting out as a band that money is tight, and you probably can not afford to buy 100 we offer an affordable solution, where you can buy as few as 20 shirts.

You work out your design, choose how many you want for male and female and in what size, and leave the rest to us.  Keep it simple to start with to keep your costs down.  Typically we can make a batch of 20 shirts for 20.000ft, and you set your sale price as you choose.

T-shirts for fans are a great way to create revenue, gain free promotion and make a stronger connection with your fans.

Simply write to for more details  


Ask for a quotation - example price 100 pieces @ 75ft each - sell them between 100-150ft!!